This Picture If From Almost my birthday!

So today we have a hot ass update: Lilly Lopez. This is her first scene and we couldn’t wait to get in her but first we got to know her a bit! She’s a romantic and loves to feel loved, wanted, happy! She loves her waist, that’s her favorite part. Her booty is where my eyes went to right off the bat! We bent her over the couch and peeled off her panties. What a nice fucking ass! While she was bending over we started touching her pink pussy. Thank you Oye Loca for bringing us Lilly Lopez.

From The Porno Deeper please!

Tiffany Lopez makes her appearance inside Oye Loca. We’ve ventured back down to Argentina for another helping of hot ass Spanish ass and tits. Only the best for you guys. Tiffany Lopez has been hitting us up since we left wondering when we were going to head back down and we were trying to set this up for a couple months because she sent us pics and told us what she wanted to do and, well… we’d do anything she’d ask of us. Tiffany is on another level of hot especially if you like latinas.

From The Video Hangover Remedy

Juan and Amanda were both at a party getting fucked up last night. They didn’t know each other but when they woke up today her ass was in his face. That’s quite a fucking sight to wake up to. They talked a bit and since no one else was around they got to know each other a bit better by rubbing up on themselves. Fucking Juan woke up to a jackpot right in front of him. Amanda Rojas is fine as fuck. Real pretty face and ass that just stops traffic, but it wont stop your yoohoo. Amanda reminds me of  Pacinos Adventures Yuri.

This Picture From Celeb Look-a-like

Colombia can looks kinda shitty sometimes, especially when its been raining for like 3 days straight. So we left to the mall but got side tracked when we pulled up to a sexy dark skinned girl walking in the rain. She kinda looked like Rihanna but we knew it was her. She said she was and kept on the charade so we let her to see how far she would go. We offered her a ride to our place so she could get dry and call the airport. But once we got to know Yolanda Garcia  we feel hard forget what ever celebrity she might look like.

From The Porno Casting Call Inside Oye Loca

Tony and I put out an ad to find girls with talent (acting, singer, playing instruments) that wanted to break into the industry. We got a call from a girl named Carolina Aguirre. She said she wanted to be a singer and would do whatever it takes… everything except be on fucking time that is. She was an hour and half late and we were about to pack it up but got in contact and she finally showed up. She was a cutie with a pink pussy. A younger even more cute Latinas is Here.


From The Porno Haunted House Tease

My girlfriend and I heard about a cool place nearby where we could be alone. She’s so fucking hot but we’re never allowed to be alone because her parents and mine are really strict. So we decided to check it out even though we heard it can be a little creepy. Right away Linda was freaked and reluctant to go any further. I kept pushing her farther into this house and touching her ass, getting her all hot and in the mood. Linda Nieves loves to be on top and ride a big cock.


From The Video Booty Call

Do you like little petite brunettes with perfect perky tits and round asses? Of course you do, that’s why you came to Well today we bring you another adorable sex fiend named Yenny Contreras. The little chick knows how to fuck and fuck and Mark is a witness to that. They used to have a things and when she heard he was in town she called him up right away to hang. She came over and these two wasted little time jumping in the sack.  Yenny wanted a poke.

From The Video Fucking the police

So Sandra Flores thinks’ she has what it takes to join the Colombian police. Well she is pretty fucking cute but that doesn’t mean she’s going to make the cut. So we got her to our super secret training facility to start her training. She met the commandant and was left to defend herself in a house with a killer. She was a tough chick and defended herself for a bit but got caught slipping and failed the test. To make up for her goofs she had to do some serious fucking.

From The Video Vanessa Suarez

Today we bring you the fresh face of a Colombian beauty from Bogota. Vanessa Suarez is her name and getting paid to fuck on camera is her aim. But she needs to do well in her casting interview first. Coming in an hour late was a pretty shitty start but she was cute so we let that slide. She also brought her mom which was kinda weird to be honest

Big Purple BootyFrom Oye Loca

Oye Loca is back at it again. Charlie has known this girl Emily Lee for a long time and she just found out he does porn! She seemed really interested in that aspect and wanted to see how well she would do. She hot as fuck, loves being naked, has a huge round booty, sucking cock and getting her tight shaved pussy fucked hard. Check, check, check, check, and check! So we picked her up and took her back to my place to see how this sexy vixen would be in the sack.  And lucky for us it didn’t take much effort to get her to demonstrate.


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